A Buzz About the Glen.

Pupils from Crumlin, working together on a Shared Education Project, joined together once again on Thursday April 6 in the Crumlin Glen.

Pupils walked from the four local schools, Crumlin Integrated College, St. Josephs P.S, Gaelscoil Ghleann Darrach and Crumlin Integrated Primary, to meet in Crumlin Glen.

The purpose of their visit was to release their Salmon Alevin that they had been caring for in their classrooms for six whole weeks.

In November the Primary five and Year eight pupils visited Ballinderry Hatchery in Cookstown where they watched salmon eggs being fertilised. After their Christmas holidays the pupils received a late present when Lisa from the Ballinderry Hatchery brought them their very own batch of salmon eggs. Over the following weeks the pupils were able to watch the eggs hatch and care for the alevin in their classroom. Primary five and Year eight children had to keep very strict records of the temperature in the fish tanks and ensure there was plenty of air pumped into the water. Pupils were excited when it was their turn to clean out the tank, much to the amusement of their teachers.

Once the yolk sac on the baby fish had disappeared, it was time to release them into the Camlin River in Crumlin Glen. Pupils took part in a number of fun activities on the day such as, a scavenger hunt and pond dipping, all before the big salmon release. Teachers were pleased to have local fishermen form Six Mile Water on hand to share their expertise of the life in our local river. Lisa and Frank from the Ballinderry Hatchery were on hand to explain the journey the salmon will take now they have been freed.

Our future generation is looking after our local environment and will be learning about the importance of keeping our waterways clean in the coming lessons for Crumlin’s Shared Education Project.