Alton Towers

Alton Towers With the bags packed, rain jackets at the ready and the talk of someone called “Rita”, it could only mean one thing - Alton Towers! The group of 35 students set off on Wednesday 3rd October along with Mrs McCabe, Mr Shirlow and Mrs Camlin. As the “newbie” of the group Mrs Camlin did not know what to expect and she was certainly not prepared for the persuasive use of the English language by Mr Shirlow and Mrs McCabe to get her all the rides. Mrs Camlin did very well, and Mr Shirlow even faced ‘Oblivion- Aarragh.”

Congratulations to our winner of the “Eddie Stobart Spotter” competition, Kirsty Thompson. All pupils and teachers enjoyed the trip immensely and plans are already underway for next year!