Alton Towers Trip

On Wednesday 9th October, there was a district aroma of excitement that surrounded Crumlin.  It was clear that this was no ordinary school day - it had finally arrived.  After months of preparation, we were here and we were ready!  The question remained, however, ‘was Alton Towers Ready?’


Mr Shirlow proudly marched to the bus with his team of staff and pupils.  30 of the best pupils in the school sat nice and quietly on the bus as we proceeded up to Belfast Harbour.  This allowed Mr Acheson, Miss McCormick and Mrs McEvoy the opportunity to catch up with some much needed sleep, it was clear the adults hadn’t slept too well the night before the trip due to sheer excitement.


The journey from Crumlin to Wigan was a long one, but a very pleasant one as the pupils talked positively about the adventures they were going to enjoy in Alton Towers.  The positive relationships our pupils have with each other were very clearly displayed throughout the journey, and indeed throughout the duration of the trip.


After arriving at the luxurious Wigan Oak Hotel, our pupils were treated to a tremendous dinner prior to settling down for a nice early evening to build up adequate energy for the forthcoming day.  A great night’s sleep was had by all, pupils and staff alike.


Finally, the big day had arrived, and immediately after breakfast on the Thursday morning, we headed straight to Alton Towers.  Everything was set for a great day, perfect weather, small queue sizes and an abundance of fun awaited us.  It didn’t disappoint.  All the favourites were enjoyed and conquered, including Oblivion, Ripsaw and of course, Thirteen.  Some of the pupils even overcame the challenge of the new ride, Smiler.  Well Done!  Great fun was had by all- what a day!


After Alton Towers, the team headed down to the hugely popular Trafford Centre.  There was time to shop (Chloe M and Jake), look at the models (Chloe E, Sophie, Megan, Miss McCormick……………….. and Mrs McEvoy), eat in the amazing restaurants and some pupils even had time to visit the amusement arcade, including the ‘bumper cars’ (Year 9’s - you know who you are!).  There was so much to do that some of the pupils didn’t quite realise that it was almost time to leave.  Thankfully, young Carl Monaghan was ‘on the ball’ and he kept the other pupils right when it was time to meet up prior to leaving the Centre - Well Done Carl!


After another great night’s sleep, it was time to start heading home again on the Friday, but not until another visit to the Trafford Centre.  So good, we did it twice!  Again, the visit was ‘action packed’ although Mr Acheson did have time to slip away and buy himself a nice ‘bow tie’, one which I believe he has worn on many occasions since its purchase.


All in all, a great trip thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff.  Our staff were excellent, working very hard to ensure the smooth running of the trip, and every attempt was made to enable the pupils to have an enjoyable time.  Our pupils were a credit to the school, a fact which was acknowledged by our Translink Driver - ‘probably the best group of young people he has taken away on any trip’ was his parting message to the group.  Well Done, Crumlin Integrated College!