Annual Prize Distribution

The school celebrated its annual Prize Distribution on Thursday 22 October, and we were delighted to welcome a number of distinguished guests, including representatives from NICIE and the NEELB, not forgetting, of course, the huge number of Year 12 pupils who returned to collect their GCSE certificates and other special awards.

This year our guest speaker, was Mr Barry Mulholland Regional Managing Director of the Education Authority North Eastern Region. He commented, “It is an honour and a privilege to be invited to speak here this evening and I would wish to thank Mrs Lynda McGarry and Mr Tommy Ross for their kind invitation to attend. Crumlin has always been a good community and its reputation, along with its population, have been growing over the years. It is recognised as a good place to live and to be educated. I want to start by saying a few words to the pupils. “Congratulations”. This is your night. This is an evening to celebrate your achievements. I hope you enjoy it and it’s my wish that you have much, much more to celebrate in the future. Parents, I appeal to you. Please continue to support this school, spread the word, this is a good school, it is committed to continuous improvement and this is reflected in its pupil results. It’s abundantly clear, all members of staff don’t just work in this school, they along with you, parents and pupils, are part and parcel of the education community that has made Crumlin Integrated College the growing success it now is. Finally, a few words to Mrs McGarry and all the teachers in relation to their specific role. It's obvious to me Mrs McGarry and her senior management team, display great leadership skills. Teachers, I believe, work in a very important and privileged profession. Your work impacts significantly on young people’s life chances, you help them learn to make sense of their world, preparing them for their place in it. Every parent in this room has entrusted their children into your educational and equally important pastoral care. The pupils here tonight are an excellent example of the outcomes of good, caring, supportive, committed, teaching and I am grateful to you for this and for giving me the opportunity to be here and celebrate with you your success. Please build on this, doing so will ensure the sustainability of the school into the future.”Mr Mulholland concluded, “Crumlin Integrated College is a school blessed with good leadership, effective team work, strong vision and sense of purpose.Despite the challenging context and changes, this school has been able to raise standards and achievements, stabilise and develop leadership and strengthen the teachers’ capacity for effective teaching and learning.”

In her address, Mrs McGarry, Senior Leader in Charge commenced her speech by commenting on the, “…enormous strides that the college has made over this past year, and the journey travelled, and pay tribute to the hard work of the pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local community, all of whom deserve the highest of praise. On 16th June the hard work of everyone was recognised when the Education Minister, Mr John O’Dowd, having carefully considered two Development Proposals commented, “ In allowing Crumlin Integrated College to remain open, I have given the community an opportunity to avail of and support integrated post primary provision in the area…It is crucial that the community in turn supports its local school so that it can become sustainable and successful. ” A very welcomed announcement – a new lease of life for us all ; a testimony to the hard work that has been carried out to date and a challenge for the EA and NICIE to work with us to develop strategies to rejuvenate and enhance community confidence in the school.”  Mrs McGarry highlighted the many achievements throughout the school year both inside and outside of the classroom. She referred, in particular, to several pupils who achieved outstanding GCSE results: Kyle McClean, Connie Jordan and Caroline Ingram. Continuing on, Mrs McGarry, commended the work of the Student Council ensuring that the pupil voice was heard by the Education Committee in Stormont, as well as the workings of the Positive Behaviour Policy which is now embedded in the school. Mention was also made of the progress the college has made in the last few years culminating in the ETI rating the quality of education in the school as “Good” and DENI’s decision to allow the college to leave the Formal Intervention Process. She concluded her remarks by stating, “I am happy, therefore, to be able to report on a school which is productive, vital to the community, and in which relationships between staff, pupils and parents are positive, caring and productive.”

Mrs McGarry concluded with a quote from John O’Dowd (Minister for Education), “Integrated Education is an important part of the education landscape here and I fully support the valuable contribution it makes to a peaceful and stable future for our young people.” Mrs McGarry added, “The college is already part of this landscape and with the support of all sections of the community we can be a leading school in this landscape as we move towards a new 11-19, all ability school in Crumlin.”

Supper was served in the new gymnasium to over 300 guests where new friendships were formed and old acquaintances reunited.