Antrim Learning Community Project at Riverside School

On Wednesday 11th March three Year 11 GCSE art pupils: Kirsty Gildea, Jessica Huston, Caolan Lavery and Mrs Aitken were invited to the Riverside School in Antrim to work on a collaborative art project with Parkhall and Antrim Grammar schools. The aim of the day was to work alongside the Riverside pupils to produce a number of tea sets using clay, while working together as a team and getting to know each other.  Once the basic structures were complete, we all had a well-deserved break of pizza, kindly provided by the school.  In the afternoon work resumed and the sets were then decorated in preparation for firing and glazing. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and some exquisite cups and saucers were produced. During the summer term, the team hope to meet again and the sets will be used for the pupils to have cup of tea together in one of the local cafes in Antrim. Something to really look forward to!