Book Launch for

Crumlin Integrated College recently hosted a book launch for “Hilltop School”, the new novel by local author Pauline McGarry.

The novel was illustrated by some of the year 8 pupils along with some of the pupils from Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach.

“Hilltop School” is a first novel for children in the primary school.  It introduces young children to some of the conventions of writing such as the use of chapters, paragraphs and direct speech.
The characters in the story are the pupils and teachers in a typical primary school.  The story outlines the events that happen during the course of the academic year.

The P7 teacher from the Gaelscoil commented, “The children found the question – answer session extremely useful.
Some really great ideas on how to write a story ; approach and content.”

Year 10 have been studying creative writing techniques Kerry Callaghan achieved a level 6 for her story entitled, ‘It was all my Fault’.
Kerry shared an extract from her story with the pupils.

Kerry – “I really enjoyed reading my story to the pupils, I have become very passionate about writing since joining Crumlin Integrated College.  I hope I have passed some of my enthusiasm and would encourage them to write their own stories.”

Our visiting author, Mrs Pauline McGarry enjoyed Kerry’s story so much she requested a copy.  Maybe some day Kerry will be visiting us to read one of her very own books.