Bowled Over

It was with much excitement that our prefects and student council members boarded the Cavehill Coach bound for Belfast.

Both groups of pupils have worked tirelessly this year to support and represent the College at a number of functions and initiatives and were well deserving of recognition for their efforts. Our first stop was Glengormley Sportsbowl where the lanes rang to the sounds of “Ooh’s” and “Aah’s” of near misses and shouts of delight at strikes, spares and even hitting the pins! The nearby McDonald’s was the restaurant of choice for lunch before a brief opportunity to visit the Abbey Centre where we were surprised to meet our previous principal, Mr Henderson, and his daughter.

A frenzy of last minute purchases meant that the bus turned into the driveway just as the 3:30 bell was ringing – military planning!

Special thanks to Miss McGookin for organising such a wonderful day.

"The Rewards Trip was a lot of fun and I enjoyed being with friends.  The bowling was competitive and everyone had a great time."

"This was great fun, even though I was terrible at bowling.  After bowling we played arcade games and won hundreds of tickets.  We've never had to make a harder choice in our lives by deciding whether to pick lego, balloons or keyrings!"