Bushmills Adventure

In September, nineteen Year 8 pupils attended a three day Integration trip to the Bushmills Education Centre where they had the opportunity able to make new friends and build on existing relationships. Whilst there they participated in several different team building exercises like Banana Boating, Canoeing, Surfing, Body Boarding and not forgetting the High Ropes – a highlight for some! Through these activities the pupils’ self-confidence grew and by the end of the three days they were all willing to give anything a go.

“It was a sweltering day on the 19th September 2016, my shirt was stuck to my back as I sat on the bus eager to get to Bushmills Residential Centre. That afternoon we went banana boating, even thinking about it made me exhilarated but I was anxious at the same time. We waited on the first group of my year and eventually it was our turn! As I clambered onto the huge, yellow boat (which proved more complex than you might imagine) I grew more nervous than before. In the end it proved to be a very enjoyable activity.” (Tony Mulholland)

“The next day was equally as exhausting, we put on our waterproofs and climbed up the fearsome high ropes. By the time we reached the Earth again we were shaking with adrenaline and ready for our lunch!” (Aaron Woods)