Canvassing, Manifestos and Elections

The Student Council is composed of eleven representatives from Years 8 to 12. Elections are held annually and anyone who wishes to be considered for election is asked to complete a personal manifesto, make a speech to their year group and then canvass for votes prior to elections.Council members receive training and attend monthly meetings throughout the year where many relevant topics are discussed before feedback is provided to the rest of the school.The following students are the representatives for this year and should be approached if there are any issues that you wish the Student Council to address. Year 8 – James Cahill and Ethan Hopkins, Year 9 – Lisa Jitoko and Shane Macauley, Year 10 – Michael Morgan and James Murphy, Year 11 – Brian Savage, Year 12 – Kerry Callaghan, Luke Hamilton, Caolan Lavery and Ben McCallin.