Class of 2015 Leavers

On Wednesday 14th May, Year 12 pupils, staff and parents gathered in the assembly hall to say, “Farewell”.  Mr Armstrong welcomed everyone to the occasion followed by Sophie Ross and Megan McKinlay who shared with us some of their memories of the last five years.

You could have heard a pin drop as Connie Jordan delighted the audience with her version of “Let Her Go” by Passenger – played on the Harp!  This was followed by the video presentation entitled “A Trip Down Memory Lane”.  This video show looked back at the first days of our Year 12 pupils when they had just started their education at the school before finishing with photos of their recent formal.

James McFarland and Jake McConville, presented Mrs McGarry with a collage of the “Class of 2015” before she added her own good wishes and farewells to the pupils.

Dr Redpath, a member of our Board of Governors, and Mr Jamieson then presented our leavers with commemorative certificates before Caroline Ingram made “The Last Goodbye”.

The afternoon was brought to a close with the serving of refreshments giving everyone a chance to say their “Farewells” and “Good Lucks” for the future.