Coping With Environmental Issues in Our Community

At the end of November, Paul Chapman, from Antrim Borough Council, visited the school. Mr Chapman spoke to all pupils in Key Stage Three about the environmental issues within our community.
The pupils learnt about the hazards of litter and how it affects public health and wildlife.
All dog owners were given vital information on how to keep their pets safe and care for them in a responsible manner, including keeping them on a leash and cleaning up their mess.
Mr Chapman gave us some interesting information on how the council cope with these issues and how much it costs us to keep our environment healthy.
Following the talk Mr Chapman conversed with some members of the Eco-Committee. The Eco-Committee was set up by Miss Corrigan in October and the members were voted on to the committee by their peers.
Your Elected Eco-Committee Members are: Year Eight: Jamie Brazier and Mary Kate McVeigh, Year Nine: James skidmore and James Barron, Year Ten:  Anthony Lynn and Jason Haylock, Year Eleven: Katie McVicker-Irons and Dylan George and Year Twelve: Bethan Orzechowski and Megan McKinley.