Council Elects New Members

The Student Council is a means for pupils to have a voice in school. Many good ideas come from pupils and the council exists to ensure that opinions and ideas can be shared - through a link teacher and a student chairperson - with the Senior Leadership Team and the Board of Governors.We have 11 representatives across 2 key stages. Reps are elected in October of each new school and anyone who wishes to be considered for election is asked to fill in a personal manifesto in September of each year. This forms part of the election process, during which candidates must make a speech to their year group and then canvass for votes prior to electionsThose elected receive training (and a Student Council badge!) and usually meet soon after elections. In each meeting, held monthly throughout the year, there is an agenda which is discussed and notes (called minutes) that are recorded by the appointed Secretary. The meeting is chaired by our Chairperson and covers many different topics and concerns about the school, which we discuss in detail and then feed back to the whole school via Class Council meetings. This is also an opportunity to hear fresh ideas from students which then go on to form part of the next meeting’s agenda.The following students are the representatives for this year and should be approached if there are any issues in the school (or suggestions you have for improvement) that you wish Student Council to address. Year 8 – James Cahill and Ethan Hopkins, Year 9 – Lisa Jitoko and Shane Macauley, Year 10 – Michael Morgan and James Murphy, Year 11 – Brian Savage, Year 12 – Kerry Callaghan, Luke Hamilton, Caolan Lavery and Ben McCallin.