Crumlin Integrated College Hosts Attendance Workshop

Crumlin Integrated College in partnership with the Education Welfare Service Community Development Project hosted a very successful ‘Attendance Workshop’ on 26th February.  The purpose of the workshop was to highlight the importance of good attendance at school with an identified group of pupils and their parents.  


This informal workshop included a variety of activities and workshops to raise awareness of the responsibilities of parents, pupils and the school to continually promote good attendance. 


100% of those parents attending felt the presentation was ‘informative’ and that they were now are more aware of the consequences of not attending school. 


The school intends to work in partnership with parents and pupils to monitor the progress of the scheme and this will include, for example, involvement with the school counsellor and other external agencies. Hopefully rewards and incentives will be given to those pupils who have improved their attendance


One parent reflected on the workshop by stating, “I was impressed and encouraged by the school’s efforts and involvement.”


Mr Adam McKeown Education and Welfare Officer for the school commented “An attendance project such as this, working in partnership with pupils, parents and the school,is a more proactive way of dealing with this very serious issue.”