Crumlin Integrated College Paves The Way For Shared Education

Monday 4th November was another first for Crumlin Integrated College as we welcomed Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach to share our school site . 


Pupils from P4 – P7 have joined us whilst their new school is being built on the Glenavy Road.  CIC Senior Leader, Mrs McGarry, announced that this is a tremendous opportunity for pupils from both schools to learn together and from each other, fully embracing and making the Minister For Education’s dream a reality – shared education for all pupils. Stephen Wallace, Principal of Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach added, “We have found this to be a bustling, vibrant school and the community to be extremely open and helpful.  Cumlin Integrated has facilitated the Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach community for many years. We are waiting on our new school build which will happen in the near future and needed classroom accommodation.  The College stepped in and gave us a helping hand.”


In addition to being on the CIC campus, Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach pupils will be sharing resources including the canteen, gymnasium and computer suites and Technology workshop.  Crumlin Integrated College pupils will benefit from hearing another language, Gaelic, being used every day and the possibility of additional learning opportunities for example pupils have already expressed an interest in additional classes!


“We do not feel like visitors here,” said Máirín, a Gaelscoil teacher, “we feel very much part of the school.  The children love the facilities and it is very much supporting the learning environment. It is a great resource to make available to us.”


Senior CIC pupils agreed that having both schools together on the one campus is a great idea:

“It adds diversity to our school; makes us all inclusive and gives us the opportunity to learn more about Irish culture.  We are looking forward to participating in joint activities together,” said Head Boy, Pierce Slaney.


The children from Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach were delighted with their new accommodation.  “I love the space and the storeroom,” Gaelscoil, pupil Euan said.  “The park is our favourite but above all the dinners are lovely!” said fellow pupils Róise and Aoife.


Miss Farr, our Catering Supervisor commented:

“The pupils are so well behaved and well mannered.  The atmosphere in the dining hall is electric.  It is a pleasure to prepare their break and lunch because they are so appreciative.”


Parents are delighted that the Gaelscoil children have settled in so well.  “Kids have wonderful imaginations.  When I asked my daughter what did she like so much about Crumlin Integrated College she replied, The dinners, oh, and the curtains!

One budding interior designer in the making.