Crumlin Star Returns

Recently, we were delighted to welcome past pupil, John Stewart, back to school. John gave an inspirational talk to the pupils and staff during an assembly at the start of term at the end of his trip back to Crumlin.During his address, John recounted his years at the school in the late 1990’s and recalled many of his highlights including taking part in and winning football leagues. He remembers that he had to work hard at his studies to succeed and was thankful for the support he received from his teachers.“You only get out what you put in” is one of his favourite sayings and is in fact chanted by the teams he coaches in Melbourne, Australia. John is now Head Coach and Operations Manager at the Football Star Academy in Melbourne where over 3500 young people train every week!The family tradition of attending the school has now passed to his nephew Ethan who started his studies here in September.