Crumlin Steps Forward For Shared Educational Provision

Danny Kinahan UUP MLA for South Antrim and deputy chair of the Education Committee at Stormont congratulates the pupils and parents of Crumlin Integrated College for their great turnout and support at the open meeting held at the college on Monday 28th October.

The message was loud and clear that they want to proceed with the previous Shared Management Scheme to provide shared education for post primary in Crumlin and also that year tens and elevens must be allowed to finish their GCSE courses at the school.They are keen that the school begins anew and with a seem less transition to this new arrangement so that no pupil's education suffers.

This is what we will petition for and we now have a small and dynamic committee of parents and pupils to lobby and push for the same. We will meet tomorrow evening and prepare the petition and the campaign to show that Crumlin is fully in support of such measures.

It was excellent to have the DUP,SF and UUP working together (Alliance sent apologies) as it is a joint approach that must and will help achieve our aims.

It was sad that the parents felt they had to show anger at the higher education bodies seemingly ignoring the previous unanimous wish for this Shared Management idea and at the inability of them to resolve previous difficulties.

Everyone was given a list of the key issues and the key people to lobby and the fight starts now..and if we can all think of Geoff Wilson's excellent speech at Prizegiving..the little person can win and especially so if we all pull together and try our hardest.

That time is now!