Junior School

In Years 8, 9 and 10 all pupils follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum comprising of the following areas:

Language and Literacy 
Mathematics and Numeracy 
Modern Languages 
The Arts 
Environment and Society 
Science and Technology 
Physical Education 
Religious Education 
Careers Education
In addition to this all pupils will be prepared for Learning for Life and Work through the following four strands:
Personal Development 
Local and Global Citizenship 
Education for Employability 
Home Economics
The college also ensures that through the curriculum pupils develop cross curricular skills in Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT

Senior School

Pupils in Years 11 and 12 engage in the following programme, which is designed not only to meet statutory demands, but also to afford maximum breadth and flexibility of subject choice. 

The breadth and balance of time given to each Area of Study and their subjects is determined by means of a questionnaire sent to all parents of Year 10 pupils during the second term. This is followed, early in the third term, by choices made from amongst those subjects which prove most popular as a result of the earlier questionnaire.
Links with a College of Further Education provides an additional choice of subjects for Year 11 and 12 pupils.
Non-Examination Subjects (reduced time allocation)
Physical Education
Religious Studies
Learning for Life and Work which includes Employability, Local and Global Citizenship and Personal Development.
GCSE Optional Subjects
As yet, final decisions have not been made but, based upon existing options, senior pupils will have, in addition, the opportunity to choose GCSE subjects from such areas as:
English Literature 
Double Award Science 
Learning For Life and Work 
ICT (Information and Communications Technology) 
Technology and Design 
Business Studies 
Business Communication Systems 
Child Development 
Graphic Design and Art 
Physical Education 
Religious Studies 
Motor Vehicle Studies 
Occupational Studies