Everybody Outstanding

As part of NICIE’s vision to bring all Integrated Schools to “outstanding” status, two members of staff from CIC have participated in the Programme for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection. The College was delighted to host the final session at the end of May where Dr Shevlin, course facilitator, Research Fellow DCU, and former member of the ETI, presented the certificates to all participants with Roisin Marshal, CEO NICIE.

In the future, CIC will participate in an Action Based Research (ABR) Programme where, as part of the programme, we will be one of the case studies being used as part of ABR for self-evaluation, quality and inspection.

Mrs McGarry and Mr Acheson were delighted to receive their certificates from Dublin City University as they successfully completed the first stage in their journey in this prestigious award which will benefit staff, pupils and the wider community of the College.