Farewell to Maud

Following a period of 27 years in the school, latterly as technician in the Home Economics Department, Maud’s services finally came to an end on 29th February.

In order to mark this occasion “Granny Maud” as she was affectionately known, was presented with a bunch of flowers from the Head Boy and Head Girl in assembly.

The staff also held their own tribute at a special coffee morning, where after the presentation of gifts, Maud was given the opportunity to donate the proceeds towards her own chosen charity – Cancer Research UK.

Her hard work, sense of humour, caring attitude towards pupils and staff, as well as her catering skills, will be greatly missed.

We wish her a long, happy and fulfilling retirement, and living just “round the corner”, we hope that she will drop in and visit us often!

By pupils from 10A

Maud, Maud, you are the rizzle to our kick,

You help people when they’re sick.

You help us when we’re down,

You take away our frown.

You’re there to help us out,

Whenever we’re in doubt.

You’re the icing on our cake,

And your love is never fake.

You don’t look a day over eighteen,

You really make this school a team.

You are the roots of the school

And we’ll be lost without you.

(Read in assembly by Pierce Slaney and Robert Kennedy)