Friends Of Crumlin Integrated College (FOCIC)

Friends Of Crumlin Integrated College (FOCIC)In February this year a small number of parents came together to look at forming a new parent/teacher association for Crumlin Integrated College. Determined not to become permanent fund raisers or dive straight into the usual pitfalls created by over enthusiastic groups, we carefully considered options for immediate quick wins for the children that could be interactive too. Our plans led us to complete these collaborative interactions successfully and firmly establish ourselves and our existence as Friends of Crumlin Integrated College (FoCIC) The desire to call us ‘Friends’ as opposed to parents emerged from the agreement that we would be an inclusive group which should attract anyone with an interest in the schools general welfare. This could involve intergenerational interest of grandparents, aunts, uncles, past pupils, grandchildren and basically anybody! One of our early exploits was the decision to pick on the teachers via a competition to give the children a good laugh. As a result numerous images began to emerge of youthful, smiling faces and bad perms which surfaced in a range of incriminating pictures from the albums of the courageous staff team. Enthused by the success of these ventures the Friends decided to capitalise on the Olympic year in the UK and boldly develop our own Crumlinwealth Games.Having sourced and secured sponsorship from two local businesses - Ross Construction & Randox Laboratories we were able to put on a fabulous day of sports participation as well as networking and great fun. There is much to be done as we all know and the current FOCIC members are keen to ensure that everything we are about is child-centred and we will not be distracted from our core business which is in settling ourselves and the children into the belief in cross community collaboration which celebrates our wonderful diversity and mixed talents.We want every child to have a rich, safe, enjoyable, learning experience and want their teachers to feel supported in their task of nurturing the kids to their full potential and creating the stability that we all need to thrive. So, if you would like to become involved with FoCIC, we meet in the school library on the second Monday of the month at 6.30pm. You will be made very welcome!