Going Back to the Future

On Thursday 4th February parents and distinguished guests were invited to return to school and spend a morning, engaging and learning with their children in the classroom. This was a great opportunity for parents to see and share the world children now inhabit every day and learn about the curriculum.

On the morning parents arrived promptly at 9.00am ready to embark on a morning of learning and fun. After a brief introduction about the day and expected learning behaviours, parents, guests and pupils embarked on a variety of activities ranging from maths, music, science, home economics and art.

The morning ended with all parents and guests receiving a well-deserved high achievement award. The general consensus being that it was a wonderful experience and parents have requested other days like this, but for a full day next time. This is an encouraging parent’s comment from one of our evaluation sheets, ‘This was a fabulous day and it really inspired and motivated me in a magical way. You are all stars’.

This day is one of the best ways to build that all-important home-school connection, which is at the heart of Crumlin Integrated College ethos. Most importantly though, parents now have a far greater understanding of our educational activities, and how we can best work together, for the benefit of the children. We will certainly be planning for more ‘Back to the Future’ days in the near future!