Student Council Launches 'Grab n Go'

Crumlin Integrated College’s Student Council Launches ‘Grab ‘n Go’Crumlin Integrated College’s Student Council launched the ‘Grab ‘n Go’ scheme to help pupils avoid skipping breakfast and eating unhealthy snacks at break time. The Council hope that this will help to prevent hunger pangs mid-morning and allow pupils to focus more in lessons. The Canteen is offering a wide range of both hot and cold items that are all homemade in our level 5 food hygiene kitchen. This scheme ties in well with the College working towards achieving a “Healthy School” status, and in keeping with this strategy, provides the pupils with the opportunity to buy food and drinks that provide essential nutrition and refreshment.We launched the ‘Grab and Go’ Scheme by holding a Poster competition in Art. One pupil had this to say about the scheme. ‘At least if I miss breakfast now I don’t have to wait until lunch. The selection of food is great!’