Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Recently we were delighted to welcome members of the NI Fire and Rescue Service back to the College to participate in their Station 2 Station Initiative: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. Also presenting that morning were representatives from the Chest Heart and Stroke Association and Mind Wise. Currently the NIFRS are cycling 650 miles around N. Ireland between all the Fire Stations, stopping in schools along the way to share the important message of the importance of being fit and healthy in both body and mind.

After a warm welcome from Mrs McGarry, Maeve, from the Chest, Heart and Stroke Association, reminded us of the importance of healthy eating. During her presentation she highlighted what foods we should be eating and those that we need to cut down on. Her presentation was also enhanced by the use of some very lifelike physical props which made both staff and pupils consider what was in their diet.

Caitlin and Rebecca from Mind Wise spoke about what we can do to keep our minds healthy and the signs to watch out for in both ourselves, and others, that something might be wrong. Their talk reminded us about who we could turn to for support if it’s needed.

Noel, one of the members from the NIFRS who was participating in the cycle – covering over 60 miles per day, then brought the previous two topics together in an informative but hard hitting talk about the importance of looking after ourselves. He reminded us that people have a fire “escape plan” to find the way out of their house. Similarly, we should have an “escape plan” to help us out if we find our mental health spinning out of control – just like the very current craze in fidget spinners. People should treat the warning signs of poor diet and poor mental health with the same degree of severity as they would treat the warning of a smoke alarm at home.

We would like to thank Noel, Craig, Maeve, Caitlin and Rebecca for a thought provoking start to the school day and something to consider as we prepare for the summer ahead.