Holocaust Assembly

On 7th March, as part of Integration Day, Year 10 pupils prepared a drama about a very special survivor of the Holocaust.  The theme this year was ‘Journeys’ and for this reason the year 10 drama was a very fitting tribute to the amazing journey of one Jewish baby.  They told the true story of a lady called Erika who, as a child, was thrown from a train that was taking her and her parents to a concentration camp, in a bid to save her from almost certain death. 


The story is narrated by Erika (played by Shona Wylie) who describes how her parents were forced from their home into a ghetto to live separated from others and then later ‘resettled’ to a ‘work camp’.  Her parents, of course, by this time knew that this meant they were being sent to a death camp.  Erika’s parents were ushered onto a cattle train by soldiers (played by Dean Addison, Bailey Gillard, Dylan Goldsmith, Reece Kennedy Robert Kennedy and Jake McFarland).


As the train slowed through a village, Erika’s father threw her from a space at the top of the train door as there were no windows and she was found by passing strangers who risked their life in raising her as their own – she never saw her parents again, they saved her life that day.  The year 10 pupils used freeze frames, facial expression, movement and gesture to provide a visual aid to the narration and the emotions of those involved.