Hospitality GCSE

February saw the completion of the Hospitality GCSE “meal task”. This section was worth 25% of the overall GCSE mark. “Task Day”, found students in a panic at the thought of having to cook a two course meal with accompaniments and a beverage! Although all the students were worried, Miss Connolly had every faith in them. The bags of shopping started to arrive in the Home Economics room at 9am and at 9.30am the first group were off.  After a gruelling day of blood, sweat and some tears, twelve meals were cooked, dishes were cleaned and the Home Economics room was tidied - well almost!

All meals were sampled by Mr Smyth and Mrs. Mc Garry, who were suitably impressed at the standard of work produced by the girls, even if they did have indigestion from eating such a huge variety of foods!

Each and every student produced a meal that even Gordon Ramsey would have been proud of! Well done to everyone involved!