Joyce Moore

Joyce Moore. For a long, long 38 years she has been our school’s vigilant lollipop lady; serving as an ever present barrier between us students and the dangers of the zebra crossing. Recently she was kind enough to appear in assembly where she said her final goodbyes to the school. Needless to say there was a definite sad but also joyous mood in assembly, it may be the end of a woman’s appreciated 38 year career but it is hopefully a beginning for things yet to come, all of which I’m sure will be positive.Joyce told us in an interview how much she loved her job. She was more than happy to occupy this role and very much appreciated all the thanks and smiley faces from those she helped along the road. She described her job as “Very satisfying” and rest assured, she wishes all the pupils, and any future pupils, the best of luck. So now we say this, ‘Thank you, Joyce Moore, we wish you a happy retirement and much happiness in the future.’

By Conor Reid Year 12