Life as a Prefect

Life as a Prefect may not be the most eventful life, but it certainly is a rewarding one! You feel privileged to have been chosen by your school to represent it in the way we do. It may be a thankless job at times but the knowledge that you’re lending a helping hand everyday overcomes that aspect.Overall, life as a Prefect is rewarding, it makes you feel accomplished and helpful; and more importantly, you feel you are making a difference in the grand scheme of things. Over the short time we’ve all been prefects we have accomplished some very gratifying feats. Some of us have spoken in assemblies, others have become involved in the local community, and we all chipped in to raise over £200 for MacMillan Cancer Research during our very successful coffee morning. The life of a Prefect can be stressful at times, but when we look back the things we’ve done and the goals we’ve accomplished for our school it makes it all worth it.We are of course thankful to our teachers and year heads, who picked us for these roles, and make an effort to make them happy they did. We also have to thank our fellow students, being a Prefect may mean a tie and a badge but it doesn’t make you forget your friends and where you came from; and how we will eventually look back at a new group of Prefects in the coming years.Overall I suppose, Prefect life is a gratifying and rewarding experience. We learn valuable life and career skills and we work together for the betterment of the school. Whether it’s clearing a hall or simply earning a nice silver tie, everyday is a rewarding one as a Prefect.

By Conor Reid Year 12