Past pupils' visit provides the final boost to motivation of Year 12 pupils

As part of the raising standards action plan, the school was delighted to welcome back two former pupils to speak to the Year 12’a about their “journey” through examinations.

Erin Graham, a law graduate from QUB, inspired the pupils with her Powerpoint presentation which explained the preparation necessary for examinations, the most effective ways to revise and the importance of a good mental attitude.Natalie, who has just recently qualified with a first class honours degree in Nursing, outlined the importance of self care during examinations, coping with set backs and the importance of work/life balance.

Here are some comments from our pupils following the presentations:

“I am not the sort of person to revise but after hearing Erin and Natalie, theis made me realise that I need to work harder and draw up a revision timetable so that I can achieve the best possible grades in my exams.”

N. Bishop

“It is good to hear from other people who have had similar experiences. I can identify especially with Natalie’s situation in Maths.”

L. McGivern

“They have motivated me to ‘knuckle down’ so that I do not have to repeat any exams next year.”

K. Kirkpatrick

We wish the Year 12’s every success in their forthcoming examinations.