Pupils Say

“At Crumlin Integrated College we believe that everyone has the right to work, learn and play in a safe, comfortable and secure environment to enable effective learning and that everyone has a responsibility to behave in a way which enables every member of our school to feel safe and secure at all times. We believe that bullying behaviour of any kind to any member of our school is completely unacceptable.” This is the message that was given to the pupils in a special assembly at the start of the 2016 AntiBullying Week. Senior teacher, Mr Armstrong, highlighted our definition of bullying behaviour: Bullying behaviour is the persistent and intentional misuse of power through verbal, physical, emotional or cyber related nature by one or more persons over a period of time showing no remorse, thus making the target feel hurt, demoralised and helpless. Miss McGookin, Senior girls Year tutor reminded pupils of the different types of bullying behaviours and discussed the importance of informing a member of staff if you are concerned about bullying behaviours. During the week the pupils participated in a number of activities related to anti-bullying and one of our Year 12 pupils, Hannah Storey, attended a ceremony in Titanic Belfast where she received an award as senior winner in this years’ Anti – Bullying art competition conducted by the Northern Ireland Anti – Bullying Foundation. Well done Hannah!