Raising Standards

Drive for Results…….


As part of the ongoing Action Plan that focuses on Raising Standards at GCSE, the staff are committed to improving the overall performance at Key Stage IV this year.  Following a period of intensive ‘mock examinations’ in December, intervention strategies such as a range of after school classes, are now on offer for our current year 12 pupils.  Timetables have also been drawn up in form class in order to structure revision, and a final period of assessment (5th – 20th March) should ensure a more holistic predicted GCSE grade.


Other strategies such as “blitz classes” on the morning of the exams and academic mentoring should lead to our Year 12 pupils being more thoroughly prepared for these future examinations.


Continued good wishes go with them as they finalise controlled assessments, resit modules and prepare for summative examinations.


Please note that lack of preparation and equipment can seriously affect examination outcomes, so remember those calculators, protractors and pens please!