Student Council Update

Following last year’s success, the Student Council is up and running again! Candidates have continued in their roles from last year, and Year 8 pupils have also had the chance to be elected. Every Year 8 pupil was given the opportunity to vote for the candidate that they felt would best represent their class.


It is hoped that the Council will continue to play an integral role in school life, making sure that pupils’ voices are heard.


Last year, the council had many achievements: the installation of a vending machine; the planning for refurbishment of the outside of the school; raised important recycling issues; assisted in planning a new school timetable which included a shorter afternoon, and, they became involved in a range of charity work. The list goes on!


Let’s hope the council is just as successful this year, as it continues to provide a forum to enable pupils to share ideas and opinions about improving their experiences in school.