The start of a return to a thriving school in Crumlin

"This is the start of a return to a thriving school in Crumlin" – Danny Kinahan


Danny Kinahan, Ulster Unionist MLA for South Antrim and Deputy Chair of the Stormont Education Committee, is thrilled with yesterday`s decision of the NEELB Education Committee to set up a working party to endeavour to create a Shared Education post Primary school in Crumlin.


Mr Kinahan said: “It is a wonderful victory for all the parents, pupils and teachers. I believe it will be the start of a return to a thriving school in the village. This is a real reward for the pupils in Years 10 and 11 who now know they can finish their GCSEs at the school and who worked so hard to campaign for their school. “The Committee have decided to set up a working group to endeavour to set up a Shared Management school. They have six months to explore how it can be achieved and must report before or at the end of that period. “I have spoken to virtually everyone involved and no one has opposed the plan, with one or two saying that they need time to work it all out. This is a great day for the school. Congratulations must go to all those who helped with the campaign.”


Welcoming the Board decision Crumlin Integrated College Chairman said:

“I am delighted at the sensible decision which the Board has now taken. It means that the immediate threat of closure in Sept 2014 has now been completely removed. This is particularly good news for our year eleven pupils and their parents as they will now definitely be able to complete their GCSE studies at Crumlin.

“The decision to set up a working party to look at the practical issues of creating a new jointly managed school in Crumlin is also very welcome. The Board of Governors remains convinced of the need to establish such a school which has would have the confidence of all sections of the community. Our discussions with representatives of the Catholic and Protestant Churches has shown that both are very supportive of this approach. The working party will now give all concerned the opportunity to translate that enthusiasm into practical working arrangements”.