Vision And Aims

Crumlin Integrated College welcomes students of all traditions and abilities to learn together in a caring school community where self worth and mutual respect are highly valued. We aim to create a supportive environment in which every member of the school community fulfils their potential: personally, socially and intellectually, working together with parents and the wider community to create a learning environment beneficial to all.

Core values identified within the school are: Recognition, Voice, Equality, Respect, Safety, Social Responsibility, Inclusivity and Belonging.

Our school principles aim to include 'Everyone':

Respect School staff and pupils should show respect for one another. Voice All members of the school community should be listened and responded to. Equality To promote equality in sharing between the diverse groups and traditions that compose the school community. Recognition Recognition of individual values where effort and success are celebrated. Safety All members of the school community are entitled to learn in a safe and secure environment. Social Responsibility To demonstrate mutual respect towards everyone and have a duty to the wider community. Inclusivity All members of the school community are always considerate towards the needs of each individual and supportive of the school as a learning community. Belonging All members of the school community are welcomed as unique individuals within an inclusive environment.