Visit to Woodhall Residential Centre

After the Easter holidays, 19 pupils from the Student Council and Prefects, accompanied by 3 members of staff, attended a Rewards Trip to Woodhall.  This was to thank them for all of their hard work throughout the academic year.


During the trip pupils participated in different team building exercises from canoeing, scales of justice, leap of faith and many other small team activities.  When having a break from the activities the pupils were able to mingle during the BBQ.  All agreed that this was a great trip and would love to come back.


Pupil Comments:

“I really enjoyed my time at Woodhall.  My favourite part was jumping into the water from the canoe, even though the water was freezing!”

Shannon Moses


“The funniest part of the trip was on the ropes, as everyone kept losing their balance and falling.  We all couldn’t stop laughing at each other.”

Ben McCallin


The trip to Woodhall was a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.