What does it mean to you?

The theme for this year’s Anti-bullying week was, “What bullying means to me!” All year groups participated in workshops in LLW where pupils debated the issue of bullying and what they should do if they see bullying happening to someone else. In English lessons pupils discussed the definition of bullying, from this they then designed a comic book strip and participated in role play activities. In Art, pupils designed personalised “What bullying means to me!” posters.During the week three Year 9 pupils, Shane, Rachel and Jamie, led the assembly with a short play that showed the role of the person being bullied and the bully. It delivered a very clear message that no matter what form the bullying takes, it is not ok, and that you should always report bullying behaviour.Earlier in the term, Senior pupils had the opportunity to watch the hard hitting play, “Blinded by Love” which clearly demonstrated the effects of bullying behaviour and in particular the consequences of cyberbullying.