Woodhall Residential

At the end of September, seven Year 8 pupils and two Year 9 pupils along with two members of staff, Mr Jamieson and Miss McGookin, attended a three day Integration trip to the Woodhall Residential Centre, Kilrea.


The aim of the trip was to help the pupils to build good relationships with each other better and working as a team.


Whilst there they participated in several very different team building exercises. The Crystal Maze Challenge focused on working together to solve problems and achieve a group goal.  The Night-time Orienteering had the pupils working in smaller groups to find markers that had been set out around the Residential Centre grounds, Cameron Addis, Adam Grunnell, Shannon Crossley and Alexandra McFarland were the winning partnerships.  The rope work including the Leap of Faith was aimed at the pupil’s facing their own fears and trying to overcome them.  Shea Duff was fearless during the rope work and gave every activity his best.  We also had Jack McCabe and James Skidmore facing their fears as they worked together to beat the mighty Jenga.   The Canoe Trip had all of us working as a team to reach an area of the River Bann; it was during this part of the week that the pupils were able to jump into the river.  The Archery competition saw many of the pupils excel, namely Jason Corry who scored higher than some of the leaders.  Through these activities the pupils’ self-confidence grew and by the end of the trip they were all willing to try every activity.


On the Thursday evening the pupils spent time looking at each others culture and beliefs through designing coats of arms that showed their own unique personalities and experiences.


All of the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and commented that the activities hey had enjoyed the most was the orienteering and the Leap of Faith.