Working Together For A Brighter Future

Local schools in Crumlin have embarked on an ambitious Shared Education project over the course of the next three years where all four Crumlin schools led by local principals decided to develop children’s opportunities to work collaboratively and increase opportunities to learn together.

“Crumlin Integrated College has a strong history of collaboration with the local community and had developed strong links with local feeder schools. We provided accommodation for local Irish-medium Primary School Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach for a number of years and it seemed a natural progression to formalise the links,” said Mrs McGarry from Crumlin Integrated College.

The schools have worked closely together and we now have a wonderful working relationship to facilitate shared education opportunities, where the children make new friendships with other children in the local community cross phase between primary and post-primary.

St Joseph’s Primary, Crumlin Integrated Primary, Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach and Crumlin Integrated College have pooled talent and resources to ensure the children have fun learning experiences in an inclusive environment.

“The pupils, teachers and community have built up positive working relationships over the years and we had the opportunity to capitalise on this. We have facilitated a working group to provide exciting learning opportunities for the children participating in the project from all local schools,” said Stephen Wallace Principal of Gaelscoil Ghleann Darach.

The pupils have had fun learning together but equally important they are building up relationships with their neighbours in different schools which hopefully will last throughout their school careers and beyond. The staff who engaged in the project have thoroughly enjoyed working together to ensure the pupils have an enjoyable experience. Teachers have also benefited from working, planning and evaluating as a group to ensure the pupils’ experiences are meaningful.

“We have developed important working relations across the schools and intended to engage many local people in the project. We wanted to ensure the children of Crumlin appreciate the conservation work of the local area and hope pupils will be inspired to be active participants to care for and develop the local community,” said Mrs Wright of Crumlin Integrated Primary. “The children are very engaged in the project and parents have been very supportive.”

“The single most important factor in the success of the project has been the enthusiasm and the quality of working relationships of the local Crumlin schools to ensure the children have the best of learning relationships where all feel valued members of the local community,” Mrs Campbell of St Joseph’s Primary said.