World Maths Day 2012

Crumlin Integrated College once again took part in the World Maths Day Challenge. Katrina Lavery set a new record, by answering over 15,000 mathematical questions correctly!!!


Prizes and certificates were awarded to the top three pupils in each year group. We had a very successful competition and congratulations to all for taking part.



Winners for World Maths Day 2012:



                                                            Total points


Year 8

1st Chloe Emsley                                   3,543

2nd Reece O’Hara                                  3,260

3rd Phillip Hull                                          3,200


Year 9

1St Katrina Lavery                                 15,075

2nd Sophie Ross                                     9,619

3rd David Somers                                   8,470


Year 10

1st Ryan Emsley                                      6,397

2nd Rachel Reid                                      6,194

3rd Bailey Gillard                                     3,090


Year 11

1st Gary Monaghan                                 4,913

2nd Shannon Moses                               2,886

3rd Aidan McClean                                 1,416