Year 11 Experience the World of Work

Our Year 11 pupils entered the world of work for one week at the end of June.  A variety of different placements were chosen and a wide range of experience was gained.

As always, our pupils behaved impeccably and many excellent references have already been returned to school.

A wide variety of photographs were taken by Mr Jamieson whilst he made his visits and these can be seen on our schools website.

P.S. Keep practising your pool Reece!!!


 “I chose to go to a crèche because I have always wanted to work with children.  I am glad I got the chance to go on work experience; it gave me the opportunity to explore the type of career I would like to follow. I now know for sure I want to work with children.”



 “Before I went to Schrader Electronics I knew I wanted to go down the career path of engineering. However, I didn’t know what area in particular I wanted to pursue.

Schrader gave me a taste for electronic engineering and has given me an insight to what Shrader do.

The first day was very daunting but that feeling quickly disappeared as the staff were all so friendly and helpful. The week was very enjoyable, we had the opportunity to make our own circuits, and this was a lot of fun.

I would definitely consider studying electronic engineering and maybe one day will have the opportunity to work at Schrader.”